How To Conserve Paper Products At Your Office

Going green not only helps the environment, it also makes good financial sense for your business. One area in which you can easily make a significant shift in terms of how green your business is and save money while doing so would be that of paper products.

An easy step is to shift more towards e-documents and communications. Of course, there is often the temptation to print out these items. This, of course, undermines what you are trying to accomplish within your business.

Implement a policy of considering before hitting “print” whether you really need a paper copy of the item. If people wait for a minute or two and consider how much they really need a hard copy, often they will come to the conclusion that they really don’t need to print out the document.

If something really does need printed out, make a point of doing double-sided printing. Decreasing the font to the smallest reasonable size will help to decrease the amount of paper needed for the print job. Another trick is to use print preview to see what is actually set to print, and eliminate any extraneous pages from the print order.

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